Come see what Fairy Gem has adopted!

After seeing all the cute things up for adoption at the Site Fights, I just had to run around adopting them. I couldn't help myself! So, now you can come and take a look at everything I've adopted. :)

Native American DChamp I adopted my Native American DChamp, Spirit, from the Braves!

This is Spirit, my little Native American DChamp. Isn't she cute?

A star dressed up like a Native American I put a Deputy star to work!
Tee hee... I named this one Tsali. Hope the real Tsali doesn't get mad at me...

Cool spirit girl in a pink dress holding a spirit stick I adopted a Site Fights Spirit!

This is Little Gem. She looks kinda like me, don't you think? ;)

The Site Fights Egg

This is my Site Fights egg. Hmmm... wonder what it will hatch into?

Teeny blonde wizard dressed in green I adopted a teeny wizard from the Fantasy Fighters
This is baby Merlin. I'm taking care of him until he grows up into a big wizard.

Baby pirate dressed in dark blue It's official! I adopted a baby pirate from the Site Fights!

And this is Matey. Don't worry... he's a nice pirate. :)

Pink pot full of gold I found my pot of gold at the Pirates team in the Site Fights

Look... I found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Dark pink spirit sprite I adopted Gemmie from the Wombats

This little gal is Gemmie, my spirit sprite. :)

Guardian doggie I adopted my gaurdian from the Pharaohs

And last but not least, we have Egypt. He guards the page and all of my other friends. And he does such a good job! :)

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