Gifts I've Received!

I just want to take the time right now to thank everyone who has voted for me, signed my spirit guestbook, and encouraged me in any way. Even though I've only been involved in the Site Fights for a short time, I've already met some wonderful people. You guys are the best!

And, I'd also like to thank the very special friends and fairies who've given me little gifts and dropped neat things into my guestbook. In fact, this page is especially for displaying these things! :)

Thanks to everyone!!!! :)

I was rednosed by a Ringmaster!  DancnDude's supporter award! Thanks DancnDude! :)

I've been Bunny dusted! Thanks Debbie! :)

A sprinkling of fairy dust... A wish upon a star... Let you spirit soar on eagle's wings! Thanks Fairy Glitterdust! :)

special pooh spirit stick Thanks Fairy Pooh! :)

Good luck in the Site Fights! Thanks Laura! :)

Thanks Wee One Sleepy! :)

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