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Wednesday March 11, 1998

Yea! I just got my notification today that I've been approved to fight with the Gladiators in the Site Fights. And I'm entering the ring on Monday! So, now all of my pages are going through a bit of an overhaul so I can look as spirited as I'm feeling. I can't wait until Monday...

Monday March 16, 1998

And I'm off and running with a Q on my first day! What a great start! I can't wait to have some Spirit Fairies come through and dust me. :) And, to make my day even better, a fellow Gladiator wrote a sweet little poem for me in my guestbook. I added it above because it's so wonderful and made me so happy. Thanks so much Rick! I can only hope toorrow goes as well as today did! :)

Tuesday March 17, 1998

I don't know yet if I qualified for today, but I thought I'd write in here anyway. I did get a special spirit guestbook today, and two people already signed it! Hopefully there will be lots more to come. I am a little sad because I have yet to be dusted, sprinkled or tickled by a Fairy though. I feel a bit forgotten out on my corner of the web. If you guys can hear me, please come my way!

Wednesday March 18, 1998

I qualified yesterday! Wheeee! I'm halfway to the next ring. And, I was dusted by not one, but *two* fairies today... Fairy Glitterdust and Fairy PeaseBlossom! I feel the spirit now. Plus, and most importantly, I've made lots of new friends today. The people here are soooo nice. I'm just happy to have had the chance to meet them, no matter what happens in the Fights. :)

Thursday March 19, 1998

I qualified for the fourth day in a row so next week I'll be moving on up! I'm so happy. :) I could never have done this without the support of all my new friends! You guys are great! I'd write more here, but I actually have to go to class. Geez... real life always interrupts, doesn't it? ;)

Monday March 30, 1998

Well, I'm back from my week long vacation. I didn't really move up but I'm still in the fights so nothing too bad could have happened. Thanks to my wonderful supporters, I'm still around. Thanks guys! Anyway, I have to be going.

Monday April 6, 1998

My poor little neglected spirit journal. I've been a bit bad at writing in here lately. Anyway, last week was incredible. I got straight tens in the Arena! I have the most wonderful friends voting for so faithfully. I wish I had a way to thank them other then plain words. So, this week I've moved into the Colosseum. There are a lot of great pages in there with me and I'm worried about how this week will go. I guess I'll just cross my fingers and see how things went in the morning.

Monday April 13, 1998

Okay, I'm really going to try to be better about writing in here. :) Anyway, to bring things up to speed let me tell you how things went last week in the Colosseum. Incredible! I did the happy dance all week long! Perfect tens from all of my wonderful new friends. It was a tough week and the competition was really tight, but I made it through. This week I'm going to try to squeeze a friend though that I left behind. So, you know what that means.... I'm in the Warzone! I can't believe I've made it this far! I'm really using a lot of exclamation points here! Can you tell I'm happy? Anyway, this week looks even more challenging than the last and I'm really counting on my supoprters to keep me moving and the fairies to keep my spirit high. I'll try to cheer some more too. I'm just never sure what to do for those. Anyway, keep your fingers, and toes and... well, you get the point, crossed for me and please keep the votes coming. Who knows, I may even see the Dome! :)

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