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All My Homes...

Now you've found my personal favorite part of my little internet home. You've found the part that really is my page of pages. You see, I've made a new goal for myself in life. As silly, and pointless as it may be, I've decided to attempt to amass as many pages on the internet as possible. But that's not all... I have one rule during this mass gathering of pages. It must cost me nothing. Nada. Zip. Everything you see here, and on all parts of my page has been acquired for nothing. In fact, truth be told, I haven't even paid for this computer. Some of my pages are distinctly nicer that others, and some are rather stupid. However, each of them represents another step towards my goal. I invite you to browse through them to see how I'm going about acheiving this.

I also invite you to come back here from time to time to check on my progress. I'm not moving as quickly as I did at one time, but slowly and surely, I'm still working on it.

Having said all this, I'm going to shut up and let you get on with it. Please come back soon.

Happy surfing!

My Pages...

My first page: Come see my first effort...
Another lovely page: This one has some cool graphics...
My Angelfire Page: More of my silliness...
My Expage Page: Neat animated stuff and a guestbook too!
My Instant Homepage from Joe: Not much... but still another step towards my goal.
My LARC Page: This one keeps timing out before it connects, but you can try it anyway. Let me know if you get through!
Perion's Perfectly Peachy Page: It's still under construction (what else is new) but kinda cool. Drop on by!

Places to go on my page...

My main page
My Spirit Page!
All about 'lil ole me!
My Tribute to Eeyore!
My Page o Pets!
More Webring-o-rama
All my homes...
Awards and Cool Stuff
Places I Belong
Win my Award!
It's Survey Time!

My Free-For-All-Link page
Linkpage by Xavier Media