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If you are following a certain webring, I'd like to warn you now to make sure you know which one that is. I say that because I am somewhat of a webring addict and there are quite a few of them listed below. If you check the index of places to go on my page, you will notice that there is another page of webrings I belong to as well. If you can't find what you're looking for here, then check over there. (Of course, I'd just love it if you'd visit that page as well... but you know me!)

Other than that, I just invite you to browse through these. And, if you know of any other webrings I might enjoy belonging to, please take the time to e-mail me and let me know. Thanks!

Happy Surfing!

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The Fathead Webring
This site is owned by
Jennifer Brinker.

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Random and Useless Ring
My Page of Useless Pages
Owned by Jen, is a member of Random and Useless WebPages 'O-Stuff, and is so declared random, and or useless.
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This Anything & Everything site is owned by

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This Anything Ring site is owned by: Jen

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This smileyface site owned by Jen.

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The Rainbow Connection
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The lovers, the dreamers, and Jen are part of The Rainbow Connection!

The Mad Cow Webring
This site is a proud member of The Mad Cow Webring!

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