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Welcome to My Page o Pets!!!

Here are all my cuties...


This is Baby Bear. :)


This is Goldie. She and Baby are good friends. :)


Meet Scruffilie! He's such a happy puppy. :)


This is my dinosaur named Strawberry.


Meet Gummy. Bet you can tell how he got his name. Careful... he's kinda shy.


This well dressed bunny is Oscar. He watches over all the others. :)


And this is Kilroy the dancing jellybean! :)


Awwww... isn't Corny cute? He's really smart too!

A little white Net Nerd with black cow spots from MegsPlace!

And this is Moo-Cow my Net Nerd! :)

Little blue dragon, laying down and looking content I'm a proud parent.  I adopted a baby dragon 'Feliz' from the Darksbane Dragons -- The Site Fights

This is my little Site Fights dragon, and his name is Feliz! :)

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