'Lil Eeyore head!Eeyore's Home Away From Home!'Lil Eeyore head!

This silly little donkey just happens to be my very favorite Disney character ever. So, I've given him a little home with my site dedicated just to him! So, come back and visit to see my collection of Eeyore stuff grow.

I would like to say now however, that none of the graphics on this page are my own. The graphics here are "grabbed" from other Eeyore sites on the net, and belong to their creators, not myself. If you see anything here that you believe is copyrighted, please e-mail and let me know where to find more information. Thanks!

I also want to warn you that this page may take a while to load up. It has a ton of Eeyore graphics on it, and that's what is holding things up. But, if you love the silly donkey as much as I do, it's well worth the wait.

Other than that, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Happy surfing! :)

Here are some pics...

Animated Eeyore looking around Eeyore sitting down and grinning
Eeyore just walking Siiting Eeyore looking pathetic
Eeyore and his raincloud Dripping wet Eeyore
Bronze Eeyore statue

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I got some of my Pictures & Backgrounds from Tracy's Pooh Pages!

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