Berks Women In Crisis 'Committed to the elimination of interpersonal and institutional violence within our community'

Domestic violence and sexual violence can happen to anyone at any time. Victims are individuals from all races, colors, religions, ages, national origins, sexual orientations and people with disabilities. Examples of domestic and sexual inviolence include:

Battering/Physical Abuse

Hitting, kicking, pushing, punching, slapping, biting, burning, using or threatening to use weapons, depriving food, medicine and shelter.

Emotional and Verbal Abuse

Insulting, name-calling, ridiculing, yelling, controlling contact with family and friends, monitoring movement, frighteneing through facial expressions, gestures and noises, withdrawal of affection, neglect, angry silence, threatening violence or suicide.

Financial Abuse

Controlling or stealing money, preventing employment, controlling finances to restrict access to medical care, transportation and social assistance.

Sexual Abuse

Rape - sexual contact through use or threat of physical force, coercion, manipulation or emotional abuse by a marital partner, acquaintance or stranger, incest, indecent violence trough exposure, unwanted touching or invasions of privacy, sexual harassment (unwanted, uninvited sexual attention).